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A Teen Spirit Boost Box (Sponsored By You)

A Teen Spirit Boost Box (Sponsored By You)

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Sponsor a Teen Spirit Boost Box for a teen who is going through cancer.   These boxes will be delivered to the Children's Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Includes: Blanket, fuzzy socks, journal, adult coloring book, colored pencils, a deck of cards and a game along with a personalized note.  

Introducing our Teen Spirit Boost Box – a carefully selected assortment designed to bring comfort and joy to the resilient teenager facing the challenges of cancer. This unique gift box is tailored to inspire positivity and provide moments of relief during tough times.

Wrap up in warmth and style with our cozy Blanket, offering a comforting escape for those moments when relaxation is needed most. Slip into the cool vibes of our trendy fuzzy socks, providing not just comfort but a touch of teen flair.

Let creativity flow with the included Journal, a canvas for thoughts, dreams, and doodles. This journal is the perfect companion for a teen's expressive spirit, allowing them to capture moments of self-reflection and imagination.

Encourage artistic expression with the Teen Coloring Adventure Book and a vibrant set of Colored Pencils. These creative tools are designed to add a splash of color to their world, providing a welcome distraction and fostering a sense of personal empowerment.

For social connection and a break from the routine, our deck of cards and an exciting game offer entertaining diversions that can be enjoyed with friends or family, bringing a sense of normalcy to challenging days.

To share personalized support and encouragement, a thoughtful note is included – a reminder that they are surrounded by love and strength during this journey.

Elevate their spirits with the Teen Spirit Boost Box, a thoughtful and engaging collection crafted with the unique needs of teenagers in mind. Perfect for lifting their mood, providing entertainment, and letting them know they're not alone in the fight.

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