About Squash Cancer

Whether it's you or a loved one that's fighting cancer, it's not easy. Squash Cancer is here to make the journey fighting the disease easier for everyone it has touched.


Squash Cancer is a movement to help support and nurture people we care for by enriching their lives through inspiring and comforting gifts.


To build a community that inspires and uplifts cancer patients and their loved ones.

  • Community

    Dealing with cancer is tough. Squash Cancer strives to ensure all recipients feel joyful and uplifted during their cancer treatment.

  • Confidence

    Squash Cancer provides gift givers with a selection of curated gifts that will make anyone going through cancer treatment feel loved.

  • Thoughtfulness

    Squash Cancer provides gift givers with a selection of curated gifts that will make anyone going through cancer treatment feel loved.

  • Respect

    Going through cancer treatment is a personal journey, but through Squash Cancer, gift givers can show their love in a respectful and thoughtful way.

Squash Cancer: The Business That Spreads Love and Comfort to Cancer Patients

In January 2021, Michelle faced a routine mammogram, like any other. But this time, fate had something different in store. Lab technicians identified a mass in her left breast, leading to a biopsy that would change her life forever. The diagnosis was sobering: stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma breast cancer that had already spread to her lymph nodes. Michelle's journey through 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a bi-lateral mastectomy, 25 rounds of radiation, reconstructive breast surgery, and a preventative hysterectomy was just beginning.

Over the course of 18 grueling months, Michelle showed extraordinary resilience and courage. With unwavering determination, she completed her cancer treatments and entered remission. During her battle, friends and family wanted to offer support and love, but they often found themselves unsure of how to help. Michelle, having walked the path of a cancer patient, understood the profound impact of an inspiring and comforting gift.

This realization was the spark that ignited a heartwarming mission. Michelle recognized a significant gap in resources available to those who sought to uplift and support their loved ones facing cancer. She decided to be the bridge between love and comfort. Thus, Squash Cancer was born.

Squash Cancer: Gifts with a Purpose

Squash Cancer, Michelle's brainchild, isn't just another gift business. It's a beacon of hope and a source of solace for cancer patients throughout their challenging journeys. Michelle curates gifts specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals enduring cancer treatments. Her selection of thoughtful and practical items brings not only joy but also comfort to those in the throes of battling this relentless disease.

From warm blankets and soothing skincare products to inspirational books and uplifting artwork, Squash Cancer's offerings are carefully chosen to inspire and provide solace during some of life's toughest moments. Each gift is a testament to Michelle's understanding of the emotional and physical toll cancer takes and her commitment to making it a little bit easier for others.

A Ripple Effect of Love and Support

Michelle's journey from cancer survivor to gift giver has had a ripple effect in the lives of countless others. Friends and family members of cancer patients now have a go-to resource for finding the perfect way to show their support and love. Squash Cancer has not only brightened the lives of those fighting cancer but has also strengthened the bonds within families and communities as they come together to support their loved ones.

Squash Cancer has an initiative to give back to the very hospital, Abbott Northwestern in Minneapolis, that played a pivotal role in her journey to recovery. After battling through the ups and downs of a challenging cancer treatment, she's determined to express her gratitude in a tangible way. With a heart full of appreciation and a spirit of giving, Squash Cancer Gifts is donating a portion of its proceeds to support the exceptional work and care provided by the hospital, aiming to spread a ripple of joy and positivity among other patients and their families. This act of kindness stands as a testament to her unwavering determination to spread love and light, even in the darkest of times.

As we celebrate Michelle's incredible journey and the meaningful mission of Squash Cancer, we are reminded of the power of empathy, compassion, and the profound impact a simple gift can have on someone's life. Michelle's story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the capacity of one individual to turn their own adversity into a source of inspiration and comfort for others.

In the face of adversity, Michelle's resilience shines as bright as the gifts she shares. Her journey teaches us that from the depths of personal struggle, we can rise to bring warmth and solace to the lives of those who need it most. Squash Cancer stands as a symbol of hope, reminding us all that love and comfort are powerful healers in the battle against cancer.

Meet Michelle

Breast cancer survivor and founder of Squash Cancer

Michelle's Story