Ideas of What to Bring To Chemotherapy-Squash Cancer

Ideas of What to Bring To Chemotherapy

Embarking on a journey through chemotherapy can be a challenging experience, but there are simple ways to enhance your loved one's comfort and convenience during treatment. Here are some essential items and strategies to make the chemotherapy sessions more comfortable, convenient, and even entertaining.


  1. Warmth is Key: Invest in thick, warm socks, a cozy scarf, or a snug blanket to keep you warm during and after your infusion.

  2. Loungewear Love: Opt for soft knit loungewear that not only provides comfort during treatment but also keeps you cozy at home.

  3. Nausea Relief: Combat nausea with peppermint or ginger tea, and keep hard candies on hand for a quick and soothing fix.

  4. Support for Your Neck: Bring a neck pillow to enhance your comfort during infusions.

  5. Stay Cozy Despite Hair Loss: Don a warm cap or hat to keep you comfortable, especially if you're experiencing hair loss.


  1. On-the-Go Essentials: Pack a backpack or an easy-to-carry bag with everything you need for your infusions.

  2. Infusion Bag Must-Haves: Create an on-the-go kit, including tissue packs, mints, pain medication, and any other essentials.

  3. Restful Accessories: Don't forget earplugs for naps and a good night's sleep.

  4. Easy-to-Digest Snacks: Keep easily digestible foods like saltines, applesauce, and protein bars on hand, along with high-fiber grains and produce.

  5. Sanitizing Solutions: Carry sanitizing wipes to easily clean surfaces, ensuring a safe environment at home.

  6. Hydration Hero: Bring a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated during and after chemotherapy.

Health and Body:

  1. Pain Relief: Have pain relievers or doctor-recommended over-the-counter medications within reach.

  2. Gentle Hygiene: Use unscented, hypoallergenic hand and body soap and lotion to combat dryness from treatment.

  3. Oral Care Essentials: Keep a rinse for dry mouth, a soft toothbrush, and lip balm handy.

  4. Digestive Aid: Be prepared with laxatives or stool softeners in case of constipation.

  5. Overall Well-Being: Carry hand sanitizer, a digital thermometer, sunscreen for increased sun sensitivity, and eye drops for dry eyes.


  1. Escape into Reading: Bring along magazines, books, or audiobooks to keep your mind engaged.

  2. Tunes and Shows: Subscribe to a music or video streaming service for a variety of entertainment options.

  3. Brain Teasers: Keep your mind sharp with puzzles or games.

  4. Digital Distraction: Bring a tablet, smartphone, or another device for reading, watching shows, or listening to music. Consider a guided imagery meditation for a peaceful experience.

By incorporating these comfort, convenience, health, and entertainment tips, you can help transform your loved one's chemotherapy experience into a more manageable and even enjoyable journey. Remember, taking care in every way possible is an essential part of the healing process.

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