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Shower Caps

Shower Caps

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Looking for a thoughtful and practical gift for someone with cancer? Consider the Snap Shower Cap! This innovative cap is perfect for anyone undergoing treatment, as it provides a comfortable and easy solution for keeping their hair dry during showers.

Unlike traditional shower caps, the Snap Shower Cap is designed with convenience in mind. It features easy-to-use snap closures that make it a breeze to put on and take off, even for those who may be experiencing mobility challenges or fatigue.

But the benefits don't stop there! The Snap Shower Cap is also made with a soft and gentle material that won't irritate sensitive skin or delicate hair. This makes it a great option for anyone experiencing hair loss or scalp tenderness.

Overall, the Snap Shower Cap is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a thoughtful and practical gift for a loved one with cancer. It's a simple but effective solution that can make a big difference in their daily routine and overall comfort. 

When you need to skip a wash and still get squeaky clean, reach for our retro shower caps. We sized our cap to love all hair types with a comfy elastic band and waterproof lining to lock out frizz and water.

  • Satin finish with waterproof lining
  • Elastic comfort band
  • Spacious design for all hair types
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