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Michelle Kamrath Fields, the founder and CEO of Squash Cancer, made a notable appearance on the Living Local DMV TV show, where she shared insights on the top trending products designed to alleviate the challenges faced by cancer patients. Drawing from her organization's mission, she highlighted a curated collection of items that not only offer physical comfort but also serve as powerful tools for emotional and mental support. Among the products she showcased were the luxurious "My Texas House Channing Throw Blanket" (available at, which provides a sense of warmth and security during challenging times. Additionally, she emphasized the significance of the "Knee-High Compression Socks," a vital accessory that promotes circulation and alleviates discomfort commonly experienced during cancer treatments.
Furthermore, Michelle Kamrath Fields underscored the importance of self-care by spotlighting the therapeutic benefits of the "Bath Salts" available on Squash Cancer's website. These specially formulated salts are crafted to provide relaxation and relief, fostering a tranquil environment for individuals undergoing treatment. She also stressed the significance of expressive outlets for emotional healing, recommending the "Spiral Notebook" as a means for patients to channel their thoughts and emotions. Additionally, she introduced the audience to the innovative "Lux Collection 28 Hot-Cold Therapy Spa Wrap with Removable Cover" in the calming shade of Romance Teal, highlighting its multi-functional design that offers both soothing comfort and pain relief, providing a holistic approach to cancer care.
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