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Spiral Notebook

Spiral Notebook

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Adding spots of joy throughout the day can add up, and having an artist-designed notebook from Studio Oh! is a whole cup full of happiness. With a variety of full-color art to choose from, finding the right notebook to keep important thoughts written down can always come with an added smile. Get the ideas out whenever and wherever with the support of a rigid cover.

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for someone undergoing cancer treatment? Our journal book may be just what you're looking for!

This beautiful and supportive journal is designed to be a safe space where cancer patients can record their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. With prompts and inspiring quotes to guide their reflections, it can be a therapeutic outlet for expressing emotions, tracking progress, and reflecting on their journey.

Studies have shown that journaling can have a positive impact on mental health, including reducing stress and anxiety. It can also help cancer patients process their thoughts and feelings and gain clarity and perspective.

Our journal book is not only a practical and meaningful gift, but it's also a beautiful keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. It's a powerful reminder of strength, resilience, and the importance of self-care during difficult times.

Order now and give the gift of support and self-care with our beautiful and supportive journal book. It's the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for someone who's fighting cancer.

  • 5.75"w x 8.75"h (14.6 x 22.2 cm)
  • Structured with a sturdy cover
  • Contains 160 lined pages
  • Artfully designed
  • Adorned with wire-o binding
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